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NIATR is established to bring together global manufacturers that want to invest in Turkey for the nuclear industry and local players for the localization, technology and information transfer.

NIATR is an umbrella institution for Turkish companies to include NPP projects which are planned to be made in the World, especially in the Middle East.

With its members, non-member companies (domestic and foreign) and similar associations, NIATR will develop new projects and B2B events for Turkish industry to be more active in energy sector.

NIATR plans joint projects with universities and especially NGO’s which have industrial and producer company members.

NIATR cooperates with domestic and international companies, government, chambers of trade and industry, special industrial zones, domestic and foreign NGO’s and universities.

NIATR Objectives

  • To act as a public voice for the nuclear industry in Turkey and the region
  • Organizing communication and cooperation between the members and the government;
  • To actively promote the maximum local industrialization and economic clustering of nuclear manufacturing in Turkey
  • To promote Turkey’s economic growth, skills development and job creation by the nuclear industry in Turkey
  • To co-operate with government bodies, sectoral associations, educational institutions, and technology transfer offices having the similar purposes.

How do we achieve these?

  • Representing Turkish nuclear industry
  • Sharing updated information with members
  • Mediating with Government and local industry
  • Arranging meetings and specific workshops
  • Creating specific working groups