NPP Projects in Turkey


The Ministry of Energy plans to build three nuclear power plants by 2023. For the first two projects – Akkuyu NPP and a NPP on the Black Sea coast at a location called Inceburun – intergovernmental agreements have already been signed and works are ongoing. The total estimated cost is around 45 billion USD. The construction of Turkey’s first NPP will commence in 2015 and will be led by Rosatom. The feasibility study for the second NPP at Inceburun, which is some 20 km from Sinop, is being implemented by a project consortium of four companies; EÜAŞ (Elektrik Üretim A.Ş.) of Turkey, GDF Suez of France, ITOCHU and MHI Heavy Industries of Japan.

Akkuyu NPP Project – Project value approximately 20 billion USD

The Akkuyu NPP project encompasses construction of four VVER-1200/491 units with a capacity of 4.8 GW in total. Total operational lifetime of the project will be 60 years. The location for the Akkuyu NPP, in Mersin province on the shores of the Mediterranean, was chosen back in 1976 although the NPP was not built at that time due to economic reasons. An independent engineering survey on the site seismology in 2011 confirmed that the Akkuyu area is one of the least seismically-active sites in Turkey. Akkuyu NPP project is expected to be completed at a cost of 20 billion USD. Main contractor is AKKUYU NGS which is a subsidiary of ROSATOM. Construction on Akkuyu is estimated to begin in 2015 and first reactor will be functional in 2019. Plant will be fully functional until 2022.

NPP Project at Inceburun on the Black Sea Cost – Project value approximately 22 billion USD

The proposed site for the second nuclear power plant at Inceburun is some 20 kms from Sinop on the Black Sea coast. The reactor designated for the project is ATMEA1, a mid-size 1100 MWe Gen III + PWR developed by ATMEA, a Paris-based joint venture of MHI and France’s AREVA. Total capacity will be about 4.5 GW. Upon successful completion of the feasibility study, work to develop the project will be undertaken by an international consortium that will include, MHI Heavy Industries, Japan’s ITOCHU Corporation, France’s GDF SUEZ and the Turkish Electricity Generation Company Incorporated (EÜAŞ).

Westinghouse, SNPTC and EUAŞ NPP Project

Chinese State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation (SNPTC), US Westinghouse Electric Company and Turkey Electricity Generation Company (EÜAŞ), signed a memorandum of cooperation to launch the exclusive negotiation to develop and construct four nuclear power units, which apply the advanced passive PWR CAP1400 technology and AP1000 technology. The project involves development and construction as well as all live-cycle activities including operations, nuclear fuel, maintenance, engineering, plant services and decommissioning.